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Artist statement

Behind every shape and form I see the incessant flow of energy that unifies everything into an unbreakable entity. This is the feeling I wish to convey through the technique I am using in order to set the scene of the work.
The infinite number of fine brushstrokes that intertwine in order to construct the form of each object is the result of an arduous and time-consuming process. Through this technique, my aim is to give a sense of the pulse and energy that permeates every object.
The course followed in the evolution of the work is a process that is both material and spiritual. On the white surface of the canvas I begin to draw in pencil the basic outlines of each object and then, with the endless number of fine strikes (acrylic), I go on to build up the form through colour. Where instead of colour there are tones of black, grey and white, my aim is to convey the spiritual dimension of matter which holds an important position in the mythology of my work.
The elements I use as themes are taken from Nature and Man and they have a symbolic presence with spiritual dimensions.
Finally, something I consider very important is the relationship that develops between the work and the viewer. Regardless of the artist’s intentions, viewers are free to give their own interpretations and take away their own messages.